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Tuition and Fees

At Pilgrim Christian School, our goal is to educate children in a thorough, efficient manner while being good stewards of God's money. Lima Pilgrim Holiness Church operates Pilgrim Christian School as a ministry, and tuition and fees do not cover the expenses generated. In order to keep tuition at an affordable rate, all families are asked to pay tuition in a timely manner and cheerfully participate in fundraisers held throughout the school year.

What is my investment?

Tuition is billed monthly on the first of the month. It is due on the 15th of the month. Tuition is billed a month in advance, and there is no tuition billed in the month of May. PACEs are billed monthly as they are issued to the student. 

 Monthly Tuition:

1st child: $120

2nd child: $110

3rd child: $100

4th and additional children: $70

Kindergarten: $95 (Three full days per week)

Preschool: $85 (Three two-hour days per week) $95  (Three full days per week as available)


Re-Enrollment Fee:

$15 per student annually


$3 per PACE - Some curriculum, especially high school electives may be up to $5 per PACE.

Misc. Fees:

Throughout the year, there may be miscellaneous fees such as gym shirt, IOWA standardized testing, or graduation apparel.

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