Alumni Spotlight

Mr. Jacob Estes - Class of 1996
Associate Attorney at the MacGillivray Law Office (Bellefontaine)
Solicitor for the Village of Valley High
Solicitor for the Village of St. Paris
Lecturer for the Ohio State University
Pilgrim Christian School - 1996
(attended Kindergarten-12th grade at PCS)
Associates of Science – Corrections - Lima Technical College 1999
Bachelors of Science – Criminal Justice - University of Cincinnati 2001
Juris Doctor - Capital University Law School 2013

Attending Pilgrim Christian School (PCS) from Kindergarten through High School built a solid educational and spiritual foundation for me. The curriculum and classroom set-up helped me develop the ability to work independently, to set and achieve personal goals and to be self-motivated. These foundational skills have been the driving force in my achievements. The individualized and self-instructional approach provided me with an education that utilized my strengths and improved my weaknesses. Having the benefit of a variety of teaching formats led me to a seamless transition from high school to college. I contribute my academic and career success to the basic principles I learned at PCS.
Most importantly, the spiritual education has been my guidance throughout my entire personal and professional life. Having an education that instilled in me a Biblical worldview has impacted me in all facets of my life. The character training in Biblical principles I received at PCS helped prepare me for Christian service and fostered a desire for Godly living. Attending PCS helped shape me into the person I am today and I am sure will continue to impact me in the future. I am grateful for my parents sending me to PCS, the staff that served during my years as a student and especially thankful for Pastor Nichols and all that he has done for the school to make it the success it is today.

*Jacob currently resides in West Liberty, Ohio with his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, Madeline, Grace and AJ.


Mr. Nathan Bailey  - Class of 2008
Caseworker,Crawford County Children and Youth Services
Education: PCS - 2008, Valedictorian
(attended Kindergarten - 12th grade at PCS)
B.A. Elementary Education, GBS&C, 2013

Though it has only been six short years since my high school graduation, there have been many times that I have thought that had it not been for a solid Christian education, my life would have been in total disarray.  I would have, no doubt, found myself in a downward spiral.  I thank God every day that I was blessed with a Christian education.

At PCS, I was privileged to have many wonderful teachers who had an impact on my life.  It was at age 13, during a school revival with Dr. Noel Scott, that I accepted Christ as my Savior.  I remember that I was sitting in the seat near the sound booth in the Robb Avenue sanctuary, when I felt God asking me if I were going to by a hypocrite forever.  I decided right then and there that I was going to be the same person on the inside that I was on the outside.  This decision coincided with some other changes that I had made in my life, and I was transformed from a distracted child into a focused, God-centered individual.

It was during my high school years that I began to realize the dedication of the PCS staff for the work that God had for them.  I could see the extra effort that many of them put into furthering their own education in order to become some of the best educators in the world.

While attending PCS, I was afforded many opportunities, one of which was the Post Secondary Enrollment Option at Rhodes State College.  I was able to earn high school and college credit dually before graduating high school.  My junior and senior years of high school were key in determining the direction of my life.  Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I chose to attend a Christian college, God's Bible School and College, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was there that I met my wonderful wife, Mandy. 

There have been trials along the way, including the loss of our infant daughter, Felicity Cheyenne.  Had it not been for the solid, Biblical foundation that Pilgrim Christian School helped my parents build for me, I would be lost.

Mandy and I currently reside in northwestern Pennsylvania, where I am employed at Crawford County Children and Youth Services.  We are very active in our church, and have been involved in children and youth ministries. 

God is good, and if you allow Him to lead you, there is no telling how much you can achieve!  The administration and staff at Pilgrim Christian School know this to be true, and use this as a template in education.  The academics at PCS are superb, but more than that, Pilgrim Christian School keeps its focus on God.

-excerpt from Nathan's personal testimony

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