Friday, July 15, 2016

Major Improvements In Progress!

As many of you know, our building has been in need of some major exterior repairs. The timing of these repairs was important as many of them had to be done in direct succession. We have been praying for the sale of our Robb Ave property so that cash could be freed to do the repairs on the current building. Although there is interest in the Robb property, it is not currently under a sale contract. However, the church/school board has given direction to proceed with repairs and upgrades, and God is supplying the needs.
Damaged parts of the 11,000 sq ft roof have been replaced. You can see the new trim work in the photo below. Huge updates to the concrete block around the school area are coming very soon! There is more, but we'll wait to show you the progress as it happens.
Last week, the church purchased a 2014 Ford 15 passenger van. It is a beautiful vehicle inside and out, and has lots of accessories that are not present in our older van. If you would like to help with the last $3,000 needed to fully fund this van, please mail a check to the school and designate it for the van fund, or email us at and we can direct you to the appropriate person.
We are excited to see this progress, and are thankful to all who are donating to see it happen.