Wednesday, April 1, 2015

School Chapel - A Benefit of Christian Education

By providing students with a Christian education, they are not only kept from many negative influences, but are also regularly exposed to God's Word and solid, Biblical training.  Weekly chapel services give PCS students the opportunity to worship together.  Simple, encouraging choruses are sung, a Scripture lesson is given by Pastor Nichols, and students are challenged to give their hearts to Jesus, forsake known sin, and live a life pleasing to Christ.  Chapel is also the time that students are given a small certificate noting their personal academic achievements for the week.  This is something they can take home and share with their parents.  Occasionally a special speaker is called to minister in the chapel service.  Only eternity will tell the impact of  hundreds of chapel services held at PCS. 
During Holy Week, Pastor Nichols shows the students a
video presentation concerning the preparation of a Passover lamb.
Guest speaker Pastor Dan Plemmons (Rochester Hills, MI)
gave the students three excellent sessions during spring revival.

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