Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2nd Quarter Honor Roll

After a two-week Christmas vacation and a couple of snow days, PCS students are back in class and finding themselves in a routine once again. 

We want to congratulate the students who achieved A or B Honor Roll during the second quarter:

A Honor Roll -

Allison Burley, Evan Burley, Kaitlynn Burley, Ryan Burley, Elijah Coffey, Gabriel Coffey, Aaron Estes, Noah Estes, Arianna Gross, Xavier Gross, Fallynn Holten, Austin Hunsaker, Tyler Hunsaker, Zacharia Johns, Bryce Rodriquez, Sarah Rodriquez, Paul Snyder, Sallie Snyder, Amaris Walters

B Honor Roll -

Michelle Coffey, Eathan Holten, Seth Holten, Emilee Hunsaker, Caleb Hunter, Jaden Kerr

Congrats to our hard-working students! 

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